Building Applications For The Ubiquitous Computing Era & A Conscientious Network Society




Our Principles

Build using open software/hardware standards and platforms. Openness is the key to future innovation 
Use speculative design to disconnect from predictive or prescribed futures and current technological limitations. Envision a ubiquitous computing future where the relationship between humans, computers and objects is reconfigured 
Apply lean startup principles of build-measure-learn to quickly turn ideas into products, measure customer responses and apply learnings to pivot or persevere 
 Don’t simply build a product or service to maximise profits and increase its exit value but ignite human potential creating a positive impact on society and the environment


Nonlinear Labs is focused on building disruptive applications for the post-mobile, ubiquitous computing era where computing is wearable, pervasive and contextual further connecting people, sensors and objects.

Our applications are design-led, human-centered and impact-driven. We use lean startup principles but combine them with the concepts of speculative design fiction and betterness.

We are based in London, deriving our energy & inspiration from the unique blend of technology, design and social value system that runs in its veins.

With the world on the edge of social, political, economic and technological change there is a space for an alternative kind of company that encourages:

    • Speculation versus Acceleration
    • Impact-quotient over Value-quotient
    • Possible rather than Probable
    • Problem Solvers instead of Wealth Creators



Nonlinear Labs is an effort to build a new kind of innovation paradigm and startup culture that reconfigures the relationship between people and technology enabling a responsive, permeative and conscientious network society.

Don’t think safe: Think dangerous. Reject the official future.

-- Stowe Boyd --


Adi_pic 2
Aditya Kaul,
Founder & Director
Aditya spent 10 years as an engineer, analyst and consultant in the mobile and telecom sector and has worked for companies including Qualcomm, Evalueserve, Pioneer Consulting and ABI Research. During that time he has advised some of the biggest telecom vendors, startups and operators with strategic decisions around market, competitors and product. He has made a living joining the dots between various technology trends and unraveling the bigger picture. Nonlinear Labs combines his passion for disruptive innovation, entrepreneurship, design, and the pursuit of betterness. Aditya is also organiser and founder of the London Smart Glass Creative, a meetup group for developers, designers and Smart/AR Glass enthusiasts. Aditya is a London culture vulture and foodie, salivates over mind-bending science fiction, has an ear for electronic and jazz music, prefers walking as a mode of transport, and is a sucker for unplanned getaways.

You’ve got to be anti-disciplinary in the way that you’ve got to have the freedom to connect things together that aren’t traditionally connected

-- Joi Ito --





GamarRecon InstrumentsGlass Up

So you made a profit. Yawn. Did you actually have an impact? Did you have a positive lasting consequence that was meaningful in human terms?

-- Umair Haque --


If you need to reach us please email at aditya@nonlinearlabs.co



It isn’t so much about thinking outside the box, that most tired of innovation cliches; if anything, it’s about thinking about the box, asking how and why the box constrains you.

-- Paul Graham Raven --
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